WHAT: NC Open Pass DataPalooza (formerly NC DataPalooza) is an open data competition to catalyze positive community and economic impact with coaching and cash prizes.

WHEN: November 14, 2019


About Datapalooza

To participate everyone is qualified, no matter your level of design, programming, policy or business experience. We create a supportive community that accelerates using data to focus on solving the simple or tough challenges. Most everyone falls into one of three categories:


These are people who want to change things in their community. They are subject matter experts who have data and want to collaborate/share it, or public officials who want to help further open access for Government and community.


These are people who find out about evolving information visualization discipline. They take this opportunity to build skills and work with interactive graphics and they help publicize and spread the message of open access.


People who have learned tools and techniques for accessing public data sources. They collaborate with designers and innovators on exciting applications, and want to help build an outstanding platform for connecting interest across NC and beyond.

Even if you do not classify yourself in any of the categories, this competition is an opportunity for business improvements such as insight on how to monetize your business model, comparison of code, and techniques in an open environment across a diverse set of participants.

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